It is important to protect your house from termites. These little critters can cause a world of hurt to your home. It is a fact that termites cause billions of dollars each year from damaging homes and buildings. There are many ways to help protect your home from getting damaged by these wood eating pests. Termites love moisture. They find comfort in the soil around your house. The soil around homes is termite’s perfect place to make a nest. Having a landscaper discuss ways to keep your moisture levels down in the soil that is closest to your home can be very helpful.

Making sure that you also keep your gutters and downspouts cleaned out can help with draining water away from your homes foundation.
Checking for rotten wood boards that lay under your roof shingles can also be very helpful. Termites are attracted to rotting wood and can eat through wood siding too. It is common for homeowners to keep wood and paper near their homes. Making sure to keep firewood, newspapers, and any other type of wood source as far away from your home as possible can help with preventing termites. Keeping wood piles at least three feet away from your house can also help.

Checking for foundation cracks is also very important. Getting any cracks you see fixed by a concrete contractor can help make it hard for termites to enter your house. If you live in a state or area where you know termites are common then getting termite-resistant wood may be a good investment for you. Redwood, cedar, and juniper are all woods that termites rarely like to chew on. Placing sand barriers around the foundation of your home can also protect your property. Another way to protect your home from termites is getting an inspection. If you think that you have a termite problem it is important to get it checked out as soon as possible so less damage can be done.

If you find a termite colony it is important not to try to remove it by yourself. Finding a professional exterminator that can do the job for you is the best plan. Trying to remove the termites yourself can cause a bigger problem than you can deal with. You can help protect your home from termites by keeping basements and crawl spaces free from wood debris. Also, making sure you do not have any plumbing leaks in your home is very crucial to keeping termites away. They like the moisture and having leaks can open more options to them to be attracted to your home.

Look out for termite wings and wood pieces trailing around your home.
If you are remodeling your home it is important to get the wood or lumber treated in order to keep termites away. It is also a good idea to keep sprinkler heads in your yard at least two feet from the foundation and walls of the home. Termites are definitely pests that you do not want living in your home.